Original Research Article I Volume 4 I Issue 2 I 2016

Impact of weather factors on predatory spiders in Bt and non Bt-cotton fields of Warangal, Telangana

P. Laxman, K. Kiranmai, U. Thirutathi and Ch. Sammaiah

Biolife; 2016, 4(2), pp 386-391.





spider fauna, Bt-cotton and non Bt-cotton, temperature, relative humidity, rainfall.


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Article Dates:

Received: 6 April 2016; Accepted: 30 May 2016; Published: 7 June 2016

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P. Laxman, K. Kiranmai, U. Thirutathi, & Ch.Sammaiah. (2022). Impact of weather factors on predatory spiders in Bt and non Bt-cotton fields of Warangal, Telangana. Biolife, 4(2), 386–391. https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.7318748

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