Original Research Article I Volume 4 I Issue 2 I 2016

Mid-domain effect: A hypothesis testing in the Gandhamardan natural forest of Bargarh and Balangir districts, Odisha, India

Abanikanta Bhadra Department of Environmental Sciences, Sambalpur University, Jyotivihar- 768019, Odisha, India ; Sanjaya Kumar Pattanayak; Nabin Kumar Dhal

Biolife; 2016, 4(2), pp 308-326.



Tree community is the structural and functional basis of forest ecosystems. Forest ecosystem on hills is influenced by elevation due to variation in temperature, aspect and topographic features


Eastern Ghats; Gandhamardan hill; Tree species; Dominance-Diversity; Mid-domain effect


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Article Dates:

Received: 4 April 2016; Accepted: 23 May 2016; Published: 5 June 2016

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Abanikanta Bhadra, Sanjaya Kumar Pattanayak, & Nabin Kumar Dhal. (2022). Mid-domain effect: A hypothesis testing in the Gandhamardan natural forest of Bargarh and Balangir districts, Odisha, India. Biolife, 4(2), 308–326. https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.7317833

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