Original Research Article I Volume 4 I Issue 2 I 2016

Diversity of phytoplankton at Shirol freshwater tank of Kolhapur district, Maharashtra, India

S. A. Manjare

Biolife, 4(2), pp 220-223



Present study deals with the qualitative and quantitative analysis of phytoplankton at Shirol freshwater tank situated in Kolhapur district, Maharashtra, India.The investigation revealed the presence of 10 species of phytoplankton. The study confirms 4 species belonging to chlorophyceae, 3 were belonging to Bascillariophyceae and 3 were belonging to Myxophyceae. The qualitative basis of analysis revealed that Chlorophyceae was dominant group among all. However, quantitative analysis of phytoplankton showed monthly variation in the total number of organisms. The highest number of phytoplankton was noted during the months of winter season while lowest during monsoon season.


Phytoplankton, diversity, quality, quantitiy, Shirol, freshwater tank.


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Received: 5 April 2016; Accepted: 17 May 2016; Published: 2 June 2016

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S. A. Manjare. (2022). Diversity of phytoplankton at Shirol freshwater tank of Kolhapur district, Maharashtra, India. Biolife, 4(2), 220–223. https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.7315172

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